Home water purification and desalination

In South Africa there was a period of severe water shortage in the Western Cape region, most notably affecting the City of Cape Town.

In September 2018, with dam levels close to 70%, the city began easing water restrictions, indicating that the worst of the water crisis is over.

Our technology can desalinate seawater if coastal areas experience a water shortage again.

If your borehole water leaves traces of brown stains, it is most likely the result of bacteria in the water. The bacteria is called Gallionella ferruginea and they thrive on the iron and manganese in the water.

Aqua500 and Aqua4000 machines remove's all common known water pathogens.

Parys (Free State) residents are experiencing intermittent water cuts and complain that, when there is water, it is brown and smells like rotten eggs. This beautiful little town in the Free State gets water from the highly contaminated Vaal River.

WaterNow systems are capable of converting contaminated tap water into clean, safe drinkable water, within minutes, without the need of filtration systems, chemicals, membranes, filters or flocculants.

When there is a water crisis you need WaterNow Africa!

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